Kalmar Nation

Kalmar Nation

Kalmar nation has Lund’s highest cosiness factor among nations. Located in the middle of the city’s beating student heart, our homely garden during the novisch period will be your perfect gateway into student life. Regardless that Kalmar Nation has been growing both in number of our members but also our actives, we are still a tight bunch where you can easily find friends for life! 

On Tuesdays, Pub Ölkällaren gives a wonderful bar hangout for those who think that “Little Saturday” is too far away. Pub Kaggen offers the alternative Friday hangout through a pleasant atmosphere and delicious burgers. At Kalmar, we have a wide range of drinks and regularly arrange various theme evenings to spice up everyday life.

In addition to the pubs, Kalmar offers a wide range of activities consisting of everything from sports and game nights to lunches and crazy workers’ parties. Together with Blekingska and Wermlands we have a choir and we are also proud of Lund’s only English spex – a perfect opportunity for you to live out your theater dreams, either on or behind the stage, together with students from all corners of the world. We are also excited to take on sustainability and climate topics within the nation. Our members can have an impact by joining our environmental committee, and hence support our environmental coordinators in setting up events for our members and establishing an environmental plan for the nation.

Kalmar nation is the only nation that has residential buildings in two different parts of Lund, a total of 66 corridor rooms and 16 apartments are available for rent. Visit our website or visit our office for more information!

A warm welcome to the happy community of Kalmar nation!

Come as you are!