Free coffee from Studentlund!

Free coffee from Studentlund!

The days are getting brighter, the snow is disappearing and better times lie ahead of us. However, it is still difficult to keep up the energy to study everyday. Studentlund wants to help you with that!

During week 12 we’ll be in different places in Lund and give out free coffee and candy to all students! Here’s the schedule:
– Monday March 19th at 10-13 pm, we will be at Paradiset Eden.
– Wednesday March 21th at 10-13 pm, we will be outside LUX library.
– Thursday March 22th at 10-13 pm, we are going to be at LTH and outside Mattehuset.

Come by during your study break and get a cup of coffee. You can also ask us questions about the membership or the student life in general.


We’ll see you there!

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