FAQ about the membership!

FAQ about the membership!

Was it the last day to sign up and choose a nation yesterday?
– No, you can become a member of Studentlund whenever you want during the semester. The deadline was that as by February 14th, you are no longer available to use you Payment of Certificate as your Studentlundcard. So now, to have a valid membership, you need to join a nation. You can wait as long as you want to, but have in mind that you can’t use the card on the app Studentkortet or get the card home until you’ve chosen a nation.

I have paid the fee and chosen a nation. Now what?
– First of all, congratulations! You are now a part of the best student life in Sweden. Now you can download the app Studentkortet and have the card on your phone until your card arrives by post.

When will my card arrive?
– As soon as you have paid the fee and/or chosen a nation your card is ordered for you. If you haven’t gotten a card within two-three weeks you may have the wrong address on your profile. Contact your student union or nation and they will help you!

I have problem paying the fee, download the app and/or setting up my profile. What should I do?
– Contact your student union or your nation! They will help you with any questions regarding your membership.

Click here to see the list of the student unions.
Click here to see the list of the nations.

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