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Sustainable Explorer Hike

maj 15 @ 08:00 - 18:00

| Gratis
Leaving the city behind for a day, we are organising a nature experience along the coast of Skåne!
The hike is to start in Arild, then walk to Nimis. Then, we continue through the nature reserve of Kullaberg to Mölle. The hike will come to an end in Höganäs. You get to see unique driftwood artwork along the hike, a nature reserve with a lighthouse and some lovely villages along the coast.
The train leaves 8:23 from Lund C. You get off in Helsingborg at 8:50 and take the bus (Helsingborg Fjärrbussterminalen) at 9:00 (bus 220 towards Höganäs). You arrive at 9:39 (Höganäs Busstorget), where you will take the bus from Rekekroken S at 9:42 to Arild Nabbavägen. (it doesn’t sound very easy, but its worth it)
Return: there is an easy transport from Höganäs to Lund that leaves every hour so you can choose when to go back yourself (otherwise, we will probably leave before five pm from Höganäs to Helsingborg, Helsingborg-Lund.
The transportation there will take a little less than two hours and the walk is worth it. We will see some fantastic things and the way back is easy.
The hike will also be 28.2 km, which is a lot, so it is not a very easy hike, but it will be beautiful.
You should bring your own food and maybe also swimwear depending on the weather.
There are spots for eight people per group (three groups in total). Make you and all your friends sign up.


maj 15
08:00 - 18:00