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Seminar: Land – a Common Good or a Good Investment?

9 november, 2017 @ 15:30 - 17:30

Welcome to a discussion about democratic and sustainable use of land and how it is undermined by current land policy and today’s global food system.

From many places all over the world alarming reports are showing how foreign investors and financial actors are favoured at the expense of small-scale farmers’ and indigenous peoples rights to
land. Land is viewed as a financial asset which has led to increasing investments in farmland. In Sweden a change in the law that regulates land ownership and land investments is currently being
debated which could lead to similar effects.

Policies on national, regional and international levels – in Sweden and globally – are systematically favouring investments in large scale industrial agriculture. This is happening at the same time as
numerous research and people are witnessing about harmful environmental effects and human rights violations that this agricultural model is causing.

Small scale-farmers – that feed the majority of the world’s population – are demanding a systemic
shift towards true and holistic sustainable alternatives to the dominant agricultural model. Here the right to land and territory is at the centre and alternatives are being proposed both on policy and
practical levels.

In this seminar we will deepen the discussion and understanding of the central political, social andenvironmental elements that are at stake when we debate, research and decide on issues of land
use and territory.

Lennart Olsson, Professor of Geography at Lund University and the founding Director of LUCSUS. Researching on human-nature interactions in the context of land degradation, climate change and
food security/sovereignty.

André Rocha, Landless Worker’s Movement (MST)/La Vía Campesina, Brazil. Agronomist, small-scale
farmer and part of the national coordination of MST that gathers about 1,5 million members. Works in the sector for production, health and environment of his organization.

Cecilia Ward, Landet Oss, Small-scale farmer, food sovereignty activist and one on the initiators of Reko Ring Malmö (a farmer to consumer network, where local farmers and food producers sell their produce directly to the consumer).

Genesis Tambang Yengoh, PhD in Geography and researcher at LUCSUS who has studied livelihoods of communities affected by large scale land acquisitions in Sierra Leone.

Moderator: Karin Ericsson, Policy advisor at Latinamerikagrupperna/Solidarity Sweden – Latin America. Has been engaged with social movements in Latin America and Sweden/Europe for many years.

Time: November 9th at 15:30 – 17:30.
Place: Ostrom room, 3rd floor in the “Josephson” building, Biskopsgatan 5, Lund.

After the seminar there will be tea/coffee and something sweet served at the Wrangel Library. Welcome to stay and mingle with the panelists and organizers!

Contact: helena.olsson@latinamerikagrupperna.se


Organizers: Latinamerikagrupperna, Svalorna Indien Bangladesh, LUCSUS och LISN


9 november, 2017
15:30 - 17:30