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Public Speaking and Debate Training | Lund Debate Society

22 februari, 2018 @ 17:00 - 19:00

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What is it and who can join?
During our training sessions, we practice public speaking and how to build strong and persuasive arguments. Each session has a specific topic that is usually connected to the format we use, ‘British Parliamentary style’ (BP).
If you are not a member of Lund Debate Society, you are very welcome to come and try debate training one time for free! You can also come to our Tuesday debate cafés which are always open and free for anyone to join as many times as they like 🙂
If there is no event for the training on our Facebook page, then it means it’s been canceled for that week.
Please watch this video if you have not been introduced to BP-debate prior to this event: https://youtu.be/rUt1IVr7gjg (you can also read the text under “What format do we use”)
About competitive BP debating
Why debate?
Debating competitively is not only fun and extremely intellectually challenging, but it is also the most time efficient way to improve public speaking, knowledge about the world and critical analysis of arguments. It also inevitably stimulates the participants to consider the opponents’ standpoint and allows you to explore ideas that you have never before thought about.
What format do we use?
The most commonly used format in international debating is the British Parliamentary format. The specific topic of every debate is called a ‘motion’ and are most commonly phrased beginning with “This house believes…” or “This house would…”, followed by a statement or course of action. The eight debaters are divided into teams of two and allocated as either ‘for’ (Government) or ‘against’ (Opposition). Note that there are two government teams and two opposition teams. Speakers then prepare for 15 minutes after which they proceed to debate by holding shorter speeches of max 7 minutes one after another starting with the ‘Prime minister’ of ‘Opening government’. After the debate, a panel of judges will confer and decide the winning team of the debate based on their persuasiveness relative to the other teams with the perspective that they represent the “averagely informed global citizen”.
/The board of Lund Debate Society


22 februari, 2018
17:00 - 19:00


Lund Debate Society / Lunds Debattsällskap


Skomakaregatan 8
Lund, Skåne 223 50 Sverige
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