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Osignat | Sydskånska Nationen

4 november 2022 @ 18:00 - 22:00

Den fjärde november bjuder vi återigen in till Osignat, Sydskånska Nationens live-musik pub! Kom och ta en öl och varför inte testa våran utsökta banh mi? Allt medan du njuter av några fantastiska band!
November 4th we once again invite you all to another edition of Osignat, Sydskånska Nation’s live-music pub! Come and grab a beer and why not try our delicious banh mi? All while listening to some great music!
Slug Boys
Slug Boys are an Oslo-based act consisting of three Norwegians, a Brit and a Swedish competitive drinker.
Born out of sheer Covid frustrations, they’ve finally come out of their shells with a hard-hitting EP deemed good enough for world domination.
Bring your mums; it’s about to get slugly!
Eyes Closed
In early 2022, the Karlskrona duo consisting of Alvin Karlsson and Simon Thuresson started up their latest project, Eyes Closed, recruiting Elias Sirviö from Skellefteå and Carl Lindberg from Malmö. With its roots in bands such as Blink-182, Neck Deep and Microwave, Eyes Closed kicks the audience into youthful rage and thrashing pop-punk with sonic waves of melancholy and raw energy. Is your black heart still broken from your emo phase? Eyes Closed are here to pick up the pieces, put on a fresh coat of paint and make them dance.
Sörja is a Lund-based band consisting of five SSK Loyals. They play an undefined mix of rock, heavy metal, hardcore punk, black- and death metal and shoegaze, all connected in a theme of monstrous crabs invading mankind.
Get ready with some earplugs for a healthy dose of headbanging, moshing, and crabwalking!


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