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Garden Fika

maj 9 @ 14:00 - 17:00

| SEK35
Here at Wermlands, we have fika with vegan or vegetarian pastries and coffee, although this can be replaced by tea or hot chocolate. The tradition has spread throughout Wermlands and around the world. Fika is a social institution, and the practice of taking a break with a hot beverage and sweets is widely accepted as central to any person’s life. As a common mid-afternoon practice anywhere in Sweden, it may even be considered impolite not to join. Fika often takes place in a designated fika room, our backyard garden, that is.
To be able to inspire and spread the message of a sustainable life and reduce food waste while discussing how we can improve our daily choices in shifting towards zero waste in terms of organic household waste, we invite you to this Sunday Fika with us where we discuss everything related to sustainability from a food waste perspective under the sun.
Come and join us for a relaxed Sunday afternoon at Wermlands together with Foodsaving Lund!


maj 9
14:00 - 17:00