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Debate Speed Date @Café Athen

7 september, 2017 @ 19:00 - 20:30

They say that all good relationships start with a bit of conflict, so we decided to try out that idea… 

Debate Speed Date – This is the event where you’ll combine meeting friends or a future partner with debates on random issues in a not-so-serious manner! 🙂 The Facebook event

How to Debate Speed Date:
0. Pretend it’s Valentine (or don’t; meeting new friends is totally cool)

1. Take a seat facing one other person with a table between (this person will be your opponent and date for the first round)

2. The organizers will announce that one side is FOR and the other side is AGAINST the topic

3. The organizers announce a topic, for example, “The world would be a better place without Santa Claus” or “Love is all we need”

4. All the pairs get around 3 minutes to discuss the topic, we’ll announce when the time is up. The only rule is that one side argues FOR, the other AGAINST.

5. All pairs get 2 minutes to talk about the debate they had.
– What super-smart things did the other person say?
– What things could the other person have said?
– Just small-talk until it’s time to move

6. Then, the people one of the sides move one seat while the other just stay. You’ll get some time to move and say hi to your new date/opponent.

7. Back to no. “2” until it’s 20.30 after which there’ll be some mingling with snacks and drinks for free!!! (so that you can talk more with that ‘special’ date of yours or that one person whom you constantly have been throwing longing glances at the entire evening…)

It will also be possible to sign-up to become a member and ask questions about what we do during the mingling.


We’ll start off the event by introducing ourselves and what we do. Then we’ll announce some of the committee positions that we are looking to fill for the semester. After that, we’ll explain the Debate Speed Date process before starting the Debate Speed Date!


7 september, 2017
19:00 - 20:30


Lund Debate Society / Lunds Debattsällskap