Word art

Word art

Ordkonst is the committee for those who are interested in literature, whatever the term may be.
The journal Ordkonst
We publish the literary journal Ordkonst four times a year. Each issue contains prose, poetry, essays, visual art and criticism on different themes. Prior to each issue, we publish a call for submissions presenting the theme, and the contributions received are then read anonymously by the editorial team, which selects those to be published in the journal. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for upcoming calls and send in your contribution! We are also looking for new editors about once per academic year, if you are interested in joining the magazine.

Writing circle

Ordkonst runs several writing circles, for those who write prose or poetry and want to develop their writing through writing exercises, reading and feedback. The writing circles meet every other week to discuss the participants' texts and do joint writing exercises. Are you interested in joining a writing circle? Get in touch with skrivcirkel@ordkonst.nu! We are looking for both participants for the circles and new circle leaders.

Reading circle
In Ordkunst's reading circle, we choose a book together and then meet about once a month to have coffee and discuss our reading. Circle leaders are Albin Westermark and Olof Bärtås. Are you interested in joining the reading circle? Get in touch with hej@ordkonst.nu!

On our website we publish calls for proposals, web-exclusive texts and excerpts from the journal. Most recently, during the summer of 2021, we published a cultural criticism series, where one of the editors of the magazine wrote a text about current culture. Via the website you can also subscribe to the magazine and have it delivered to your mailbox four times a year!

If you want to get involved in the AF literature committee, just send an email to hej@ordkonst.nu or talk to us at the release parties for the journal issues. Visit the website to find out more!

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