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Wermlands Nation

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Wermland Nation has since 1682 meant friendship, laughter and memories for life! We are thus one of Lund's oldest nations with many fun traditions!

A student nation is an association of students - for students, where the boundaries are set by the members themselves. It is the members who make the nation their own. Today the nation is located in the heart of Lund and consists of over 700 members, the Wermlänningarna! Our Wermlänningarna, despite the word, come from all corners of Sweden and the world. What unites us
us is the Wermland spirit, community and mischief! Wermlands is simply a place for everyone to meet, where everyone can participate! Our number of members also allows us to be close to each other, to easily get into the large friendship group and also offer great creative freedom to our members and active members, so-called foremen,
who constantly suggest new, fun activities and ideas to take on!

We create together Wednesday pubs, where all students get time and space to relax between studies, festive events with dancing on Saturdays, hikes on Sundays to near and far in the Skåne nature landscape for the outdoor lovers, and also the Environmental Committee's Sunday meetings! But also so much more! Our food selection is of course always vegetarian with
vegan alternatives.

Wermlands Nation is all about making your student life as meaningful and fun as possible during your studies, but is also a place where you can feel at home even when you have a long (or not so long) journey home!

So, if you want a study time filled with community, friends, laughter and fun - then sign up with us, dearest Wermlänning!

Come into Wermen!

Since 1682, Wermlands Nation has provided its student members with friendship, fun and the memories to last for a lifetime! Located at the heart of Lund, we are today one of Lund's smallest student nations with our 700 members. But if you ask us, that is all for the better! Our small size is namely what has allowed our amazing spirit of friendship and kinship to prosper! Wermlands is the cozy nation of Lund, filled with a lot of laughter and hugs! We are a family, one which is committed to making your time as a student into the most amazing time of your life (or at least, we are gonna try our hardest, and we invite you to join in on it!). We provide weekly pubs every wednesday in our cozy basement, fika and brunches, hikes in the local woods, as well as yoga for the students of Lund!

Our members hail from all walks of life, and are united together in the amazing Wermlandic spirit of unity! Inclusivity is central to us, and above all else we value that our members feel welcome, safe and included in our events, no matter who they are! Thus we are welcoming of LGBTQIA+ people, as well as of foreign exchange students, with english being our primary language during events!

Central to Wermlands Nation is also the ideal of being Lund's greenest nation! At the centre of this is our Environmental Committee, responsible for constantly improving the environmental aspects of our family, while also being responsible for organising the work in our backyard garden, in which we will aim to one day grow our own food! Alongside this we also always provide vegan options on the menu of our events. Oh, but we forgot to mention the best part! For every member we donate a part of the fee to help protect rainforests in Ecuador. This allows us to save 20 square meters of rainforest per member! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and help us save some trees!

Come into Wermen!

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