South Scanian Nation

South Scanian Nation

Sydskånska is known as the nation where music matters. You can see this not least through our clubs and live gigs. Our rotating club concept allows us to explore all kinds of genres, such as hip hop, r'n'b, disco and funk. Once a month we host Osignat - our pub where unsigned bands get the chance to shine on stage.

Although Sydskånska is steeped in music, it is a nation with much more than that! Every Thursday our premises are transformed into a cosy living room at Torsdagspuben. On Fridays, Sydskånska opens up for the Friday Lunch where a hearty lunch is served for a cheap price. For those who want to start the weekend early, the bar is also open. For the perfect Sunday pastime, come and hang out at Kafé Matiné, Sydskånska's own home cinema. Those who prefer to be active on Sunday can end the week by playing football with us in Tunahallen.

In addition to our day-to-day activities, the Sydskånska Nation holds major events every year, such as our own grand ball, the Knävlingagillet, and the festival-like concept of Skvalborg, Sydskånska's contribution to Lund's big Walpurgis celebrations. Two fantastic events you won't want to miss!

Sydskånska has something for everyone. We are the little big nation and under our roof are all Sydskåne, no matter where you come from.

If you have any questions about the nation or life as a student in Lund in general, please feel free to contact us at our email:

A warm welcome to Sydskånska - where music matters!

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