Östgöta Nation

Östgöta Nation

Dear student, welcome to Lund!

Now your time as a Lunda student officially begins, and at Östgöta we want nothing more than for you to to make the most of it! Östgöta Nation has been around since 1668 and is therefore Lund's very first nation, located in the middle of the city - a stone's throw from the AF Castle! The Nation is a meeting place for all Lund's students and is imbued with joy, commitment and community. Our activities are broad and include everything from pubs to lunches, brunches and two fantastic clubs that we like to boast about - our hip hop club Downtown and house club Sunset!

The nation's long history has given us plenty of tradition, and we organise several major events, such as our big all-day celebration at Siste April and our venerable Fest Filbyterium Lundense in the autumn. We are also one of the few nations to organise our own carnival every four years, in conjunction with the great Lund Carnival. At Östgöta Nation you can get involved in cooking, photography, technology, sports, our choir Ostrochorus and much, much more. There is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.

Are you a Novisch and want to enrol or join our Novish period? We are right behind AF Borgen and are here to help you! Want to get involved, book a sittning or wonderabout something in our activities? Don't hesitate to get in touch! Also like Östgöta nations Facebook page to get regular updates on what's happening at the nation.

A warm welcome to Lund's first and most central nation!

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