Lund's Nation

Lund's Nation

A warm welcome to us at Lunds Nation - Stadens Nation! You will find our Nationshus in the middle of the city at Agardhsgatan 1. We have both a foot in history with ancient traditions and a foot in the future with innovative antics. This means that there is rarely a quiet moment at Agardhsgatan 1.

A selection of what we have to offer at Nationen are lunches every weekday, Saturday brunch, Thursday bar, Thursday club, husband band, sittings, sports through both football, tennis, badminton and HIT sessions as well as our nightclub with the famous Kaffebaren - every Saturday since 1988 ( !) Penthouse. The majority of our business is allocated to the Penthouse, our penthouse with a view of our beloved Lund and our dear neighboring country. All our members have free entry to our regular clubs!

In addition to this, during the autumn we have the more traditional, such as Novice Week with a Novice Party since 1922, Goose Fest & Christmas Fest. In the spring, since 1967, the nation's crown jewel, the Finnfest, has taken place - northern Europe's second largest frock sitting (after the Nobel Festival) with 528 seated guests in the AF castle's great hall, as well as a subsequent after party and ball lunch. In addition to eating and drinking well and dancing in our holiday costumes, we try to demolish the Cathedral and free the giant Finn, with a student girl's twinkle in her eye. Methods have varied over the years and in 2023 we attempted to lift the church using helium balloons, with limited success. Other traditions during the spring are the novice week with the novice party and the May Day lunch.

Newer antics at Nationen are in the form of day parties about once a month, which we call Dagspent - day clubs with a really cool theme. We also have our Oktoberfest, where we celebrate a whole weekend in the Oktoberfest spirit with both a day party, sitting and letting go - Jawhol! During Valborg (or Last April as it is also called in Lund), our big Last April celebration is arranged on 29/4, Next to Last April, where we were visited in 2023 by artists such as ODZ and Henric Edström. Other artists who visited Lunds over the years are De Vet Du, The Cardigans, Norlie & KKV, Thåström, Miriam Bryant, Bob Hund, Eric Lundin, Nause, Svenska Björnstammen, Adrian Lux, Kent, Damn! and Vigiland. When autumn is at its darkest in deepest November, we put on our dancing shoes and forget the autumn rush exams for a while and party together at our Novemberfest.

All this ideally arranged by our hundreds of active foremen and officials. Becoming active with us is easy. Jump into the link here to read more:

Do you need somewhere to stay? There are good chances with us! We are the Nation that has the most housing of all Nations, around 300. These are distributed at our Nationshus on Agardhsgatan 1 in the middle of the Kulturquadranten, and in our housing complex Arkivet on Arkivgatan, a stone's throw from the Nationshus and with the Botanical Garden as the nearest neighbor. We are also currently building another house in our courtyard, which will provide 35 more students with a roof over their heads and will be ready for occupancy in time for the spring semester 2024.

We at Lunds Nation are there for you who like speed and excitement and never want to be forced to sit still. By becoming a member and getting involved with us, the doors are opened to the fantastic student life that Lund has to offer. A warm welcome to us at Lunds Nation - Stadens Nation!