College of Curators

College of Curators

The Board of Trustees (KK) was founded in 1927 by, among others, Tage Erlander, then trustee of the Wermland Nation. Since then, cooperation has continued. The cooperation and discussions within the KK usually concern issues that affect all 12 nations within the cooperation body. The practical work of the Board of Trustees is led by a chairman and a vice-chairman who are paid full-time salaries. The cooperation mainly concerns issues of common concern to the nations, such as universities, AF, unions, government and local authorities.

Do you have questions about the activities of the College of Curators? Visit their website ( or contact the Presidium at

Part of Studentlund
In order to take advantage of the wide range of KK nations, you must become a member of Studentlund! You can do this by visiting the Studentlund website. After that, just sign up for a nation! This also completes your Studentlund membership. Please note that you need to do both steps to get a complete and valid Studentlund membership. Please note that you cannot be a member of only one union or only one nation within Studentlund -
Studentlund is a package that includes all three legs of student life - the Unions, the Nations and the Academic Association (AF)!
Once you have joined a nation, you will receive a Studentlund card which will give you access to all 12 KK-linked nations!

Guest card
Out-of-town student visiting Lund? Buy a guest card and get access to Lund's lovely student life! From now on we also sell digital guest cards! To get access to Lund's student life, you need to be a student in Lund and a member of Studentlund.
But! However, if you are studying at another university or college, you can buy a guest card for a limited period of time! You can currently buy a guest card in two ways:

1. Visit one of our twelve partner nations during their expedition times. There you show off
your identity card and your student ID from your institution. Then you can buy a small physical card that
gives you access to Lund's student life for one week.
2. Download the Keyflow app and search for "Guest card in Lund". Follow the steps and upload
the required documents. The College of Curators will then approve the guest card When your guest card
is approved, you will receive a text message - the same if we deny your guest card. The SMS will then contain
information on why you have been refused.

If you buy the guest card digitally, you will receive a digital guest card in the app, which works exactly like the physical one. A regular guest card costs SEK 100 and is valid for one week. During Siste April and Carnival, a guest card costs SEK 150 and is valid for one week. Please note that a guest card does not give free entry to the nation's activities. The card entitles you to entry to nation activities on the same terms as members of the member nations of the College of Curators, i.e. you can enter any nation of the College of Curators. Guest cards, student IDs and identity cards must be presented at the entrance.

A valid student ID is a student card or a certificate from the college or university you are studying at. A valid student union card with name and date of birth is therefore an approved student ID. A certificate must be stamped and signed and contain your name and/or personal identity number and preferably a picture. Guest cards can only be purchased by students at other colleges and universities in Sweden and equivalent institutions abroad. Student cards must be presented when purchasing a guest card. Students at folk high schools, Folkuniversitetet, komvux, or qualified vocational schools are therefore not allowed to buy guest cards. Guest cards cannot be purchased by students at Lund University. Instead, they have the opportunity to become members of Nation. Exceptions to this rule are students at Campus Helsingborg, who are given the opportunity to buy guest cards.

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