The board of curators

The board of curators

The Kuratorskollegiet (KK) is a collaborative body between twelve of Lund's student nations (not Småland's).

The Curator's College (KK) was founded in 1927 by, among others, Tage Erlander, then curator at Wermland nation. Since then, the collaboration has progressed. The cooperation and discussions within KK are usually about issues that affect all 12 nations within the cooperation body. The curatorial board's practical work is led by a chairman and a deputy chairman who are paid full-time. The cooperation primarily applies to issues that concern the nations jointly vis-à-vis, for example, universities, AF, corps, government and municipality.

Heritage Services
In addition to the practical work, there are three sub-colleges that work with joint national activities in more specific areas: the Sports College, the NATU College and the International College. It is, for example, the Sports College which together with KK's presidium organizes the traditional Tandem relay, and the NATU college which organizes the annual Next to Last April games. You can find more information about the sub-colleges and their activities on our website, where you can also find the sub-colleges' Facebook pages:

Guest card
Are you a student at another location visiting Lund? Buy a guest card and get access to Lund's lovely student life! The guest card gives you, who is not eligible to join Studentlund, temporary access to the operations of the nations. You can buy guest cards in two ways:

1. Visit one of our twelve partner nations during their expedition times. There you show identification and your valid student ID card, and can then buy a physical guest card. If you want to buy a guest card for a friend, it's fine, just make sure you have a picture of the person's ID and student certificate.
2. Download the STUK app and search for "Kuratorskollegiet". Follow the steps in the app and upload the required information. Many digital guest cards are automatically approved, but some must be manually approved by us. This is done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 14.00 p.m. Therefore, make sure that you have applied for your guest card in good time, in case your card has to go through us. Your digital guest card will then appear in the app, and works exactly the same as the physical one. You can only apply for a digital guest card for yourself.

Approved student certificate is a certificate or student card from the college or university you are studying at. To be valid, it must show your social security number, which university you are studying at and that you are studying this particular semester. A certificate must also be stamped and signed and contain the name and/or social security number and preferably a picture. An example of an approved student certificate can thus be a recently downloaded registration certificate from LADOK. Some student cards can also be valid student certificates, if they contain all the necessary information, but student cards or pass cards with a validity period of several semesters are thus examples of invalid student certificates.

Guest cards can only be purchased by students at other colleges and universities in Sweden and corresponding institutions abroad. Students at Folkhögskola, Folkuniversitetet, komvux, or qualified vocational school who are CSN-eligible are also entitled to buy guest cards. Guest cards are not sold to students at Lund University, they instead have the opportunity to become members of Studentlund. Exceptions to this rule are students at Campus Helsingborg and students studying LU courses remotely.

A guest card is valid for one week and usually costs SEK 100. During the last week of April, a guest card costs SEK 150.

Note that a guest card does not grant free entry to the nation's activities. The card only entitles you to entry to national activities under the same conditions as apply to members of the Curators' College member nations, i.e. that you can enter all nations in the Curators' College. You therefore still have to have a ticket or pay admission to actually enter the events. Guest cards, student identification and identity cards must be presented at the entrance.