Halland's Nation

Halland's Nation

Halland's Nation is Lund's sport nation! Here, students from all faculties mingle in a glorious mess. Our house is always full of life and it is easy to enter the community and learn our motto: De é love!

Hallands Nation has around 80 foremen who work to create a pleasant atmosphere and for you as a member to get the most out of your study time in Lund. With us you will find one of Studentlunds most beautiful pub environments where we serve good food and one of Lund's largest selection of beers and whiskies.

The Wednesday pub is a perfect opportunity to forget the stress of school and instead be challenged by a clever pub quiz together with your coursemates. It is just as nice to go to our Friday pub, as a lovely end to the week. Of course, at Hallands we also offer a lot of other things, such as salad lunch on Mondays, sports activities every Tuesday and Thursday, brunch every third Sunday and our fantastic club on Fridays.

Among our various committees is also the national newspaper Väderö, which is published every semester. It offers pleasant reports and the latest news from Halland's Nation and Lund's student life. The nation's activity and well-being committee also regularly organizes various activities of a quieter nature, such as movie nights, yoga classes and sushi nights. All this and much, much more gives you the opportunity to make your study time the most enjoyable time of your life. As a member, you can of course get involved in the nation in the committee that suits you best.

Each school year at Hallands there are a number of larger parties, such as Novischfesten and Kvalborg. Kvalborg is a one-day festival that has become an obvious choice for students who want to celebrate the arrival of spring. Our own ball, the Bock Ball, is arranged in March every year at the Grand Hotel and creates memories for a lifetime. In October, we celebrate the Halland Nation's birthday with the so-called Hedviggillet. To end the year in the coziest possible way, we organize a Christmas party in December every year.

Hallandsgården offers 98 student accommodation, in the form of both corridor rooms and apartments that you as a member can apply for. As a resident of the building, you are close to both the city centre, school and student life. An almost perfect location!

A warm welcome to our Halland family!