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Gothenburg Nation

Welcome to Lund!

Göteborgs nation offers you a strong community and a wonderful study time that will make your years in Lund the best ever! In addition to our ongoing activities, the nation organises annual events such as the Gustav II Adolf Ball, which is the largest student ball in the Nordic countries, Christmas Party, May Day celebrations, Day Parties, Counting Party and Novisch Parties.

The Gothenburg nation is characterised by being a nation with speed and joy in all its activities. We are a medium-sized nation with the biggest heart! The range of activities and events is vast and the nation boasts the largest ball in Lund, the GA Ball, and the largest nightclub in Lund!

As an enrolled member of the Gothenburg Nation, you are welcome to join our family. There are opportunities to get involved in one of our committees. Here is a selection of the committees: Barmästeri, Festmästeri, Sexmästeri, Lunchmästeri, Bedas, Kajfé, Skybar, DJ, brunch master, sports committee and culture committee. At Göteborgs there is something for everyone!

The Nation House is called Kållehus with 44 student rooms and is located at Östra Vallgatan 47. For more information, please visit

Gothenburg is not something you are born into, it is something anyone can become.

So welcome to the Gothenburg nation, here the sun always shines!

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