A home away from home - Lund's nations provide students with a sense of community and a meaningful leisure time.

Since the end of the 17th century, the Nations have been working for the well-being of students during their time at university. Today, this mainly means a wide range of nightclubs, pubs and bars. But that's not all, the nations have a wide range of activities including sports, spex, dining, elegant balls and a lot of student housing and scholarships.

All nations are named after Swedish cities or regions, and in the past it was important to be part of the nation that represented your home town. Nowadays, it is completely voluntary which nation you join. It is perhaps good to know that a member of one nation has access to the outdoor life of all the other nations (this does not apply to members of the Småland nation).

Most people have something to gain from being part of a nation. If the activity you're looking for doesn't exist, it can certainly be started - with your help. Because the nations don't intend to make money, the prices are also the lowest in the city, whether for food or a cold beer at the bar. Nations are run entirely on a voluntary basis and many people choose to make a little extra effort for their nation. These students tend to have a great community and happy memories for the rest of their lives.