A student union is an association of students studying a certain subject or subject area.

At Lund University there are 9 student unions, of which 7 are affiliated parties Studentlund. The Studentlundaffiliated unions are LundaEkonomerna, Juridiska Föreningen, Lund's Natural Sciences Corps, Lund's Social Sciences Corps, Corpus Medicum, the Humanistic and Theological Student Union & the Student Union at the Faculty of Arts in Malmö. The corps that stand outside StudentlundThe collaboration is Lund's Doctoral Corps and the Technology Corps at Lund's Institute of Technology.

It is often easy to tell which corps you belong to by the corps' name: natural scientists are in the Natural Sciences Corps, social scientists in the Social Sciences Corps, humanists in the Humanistic and Theological Student Corps.

The corps' most important task is education monitoring. The unions elect student representatives to boards and working groups at all levels of the university; from the program council to the university board. The student representatives and course representatives ensure that the education and the study environment are of high quality and come up with suggestions for improvements and changes. They also work to improve the students' conditions vis-à-vis the municipality, the region and the state, including with the housing situation and public transport discounts.

In addition to education supervision, the unions arrange social activities for students in the same subject area and they also work to simplify the transition between student life and working life through various activities such as, for example, labor market days.