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Lund University Student Unions

Lund University Student Unions, LUS, is a cooperative organisation for student unions at Lund University. LUS promotes the interests of students towards Lund University, the municipality and the region. LUS is the electoral body for Lund University students and doctoral students for all university-wide boards, committees and councils. LUS is also responsible for a number of student service activities, such as the newspaper Lundagård, Kreditkassan, BoPoolen, Stiftelsen Lillsjödal and Lundakarnevalen. LUS website

The newspaper Lundagård

The newspaper Lundagård is Lund's students' own independent newspaper, founded in 1920. Lundagård examines the university and the student world and offers reports on exciting people and events. Lundagård is also an arena for debate on issues concerning the university and the student world.

Credit Union

Kreditkassan is a foundation run by the Lund University Student Union (LUS) which lends money to needy students at Lund University. They are located on the fourth floor of the AF building. See opening hours on the website.

The Bopool is an internet portal for subletting housing - Individuals post ads for available sofas, rooms and apartments that homeless people can respond to. BoPoolen's office is located on the third floor of the AF building.

The Lillsjödal Open Air FarmFoundation

Lillsjödal is located just outside Sösdala in the municipality of Hässleholm. Lillsjödal has a total of 40 beds and can be rented by both students and non-students. However, students rent Lillsjödal at a cheaper price. Lillsjödal is suitable for, for example, board handovers, graduation offerings or similar and is beautifully situated with a lake around the corner. Lillsjödal is owned and administered by a foundation linked to LUS.