The curators' college, perhaps better known as KK, is a collaborative body between twelve of Lund's student nations (not Småland's).

KK was founded in 1927 by Tage Erlander (curator of the Wermland nation 1926-29 and later prime minister) and ever since then the collaboration has progressed. The cooperation primarily applies to issues that concern the nations in common vis-a-vis, for example, universities, AF, corps, government and municipality. There are also three sub-colleges that work with joint national activities in more specific areas: the Sports College, the NATU College and the International College. The board of curators is run centrally by a chairman and a deputy chairman who work full-time.

Activities that take place under KK's auspices include the Tandem relay - the cycling competition that takes place in May between Gothenburg and Lund - as well as the traditional Last April games in Lundagård. In the park, a tug-of-war between the nations is then held, and you get the unique chance to throw pies at sitting curators in the nations of the Curator's College. These games have been held since the turn of the century and are one of the things that make Lund a wonderful student city.

The board of curators also manages the sale of the nations' guest card, which gives students who are not studying at Lund University the chance to take part in the nations' activities. These can be purchased digitally in the STUK app, or in physical form at the nations' expeditions. A guest card costs SEK 100, or SEK 150 if it extends over the last week of April. Read more info here.


Address: Sandgatan 2, 223 50 Lund
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