The Technological Union

The Technological Union

The technologists' union is the union for all students at LTH including its doctoral students.

The Technologkår's activities are divided into three legs - Education, Business and Leisure.

We have study councils in various sections who continuously work to maintain a high quality of our education. In addition, we ensure that there are students in LTH's decision-making bodies, and many sections offer them study evenings. Through cooperation bodies such as LUS (for the unions in Lund), Reftec (for Sweden's 7 largest technologist unions) and SFS (for Sweden's student unions), we give our members a voice all the way up to government level.

Every year the Technology Corps organizes southern Sweden's largest labor market fair ARKAD. We also offer company lectures, industry evenings and other events so that we students can get as good contact with the business world as possible.

Free time:
At LTH we often have to study hard. To cope with it, we must have fun! The technologists' union organizes many activities throughout the year – balls, pub evenings and bug courses are just a few examples. The sections offer many parties but also sporting activities and café activities. In addition, there are many associations linked to the Technology Corps that deal with everything from climbing walls to game nights.

The technologists' corps is not part of Studentlund, but all students are eligible to join Studentlund. Visit a nation of your choice to enroll!