Student Representative

Student Representative

The Student Ombudsman is a student service of the Lund University Student Unions(LUS). This means that the help you receive is on your terms and with your interests in mind.

The Student Ombudsman guides and assists students and unions in their work with student affairs. These may include inadequate or poor information about courses, questions about examinations and their marking, and allegations of cheating or plagiarism. Students are also supported in matters concerning discrimination and the working environment - both physical and psychosocial. The services offered by the Student Ombudsman can range from information and advice to informal investigations - about what has happened - to acting as an agent or mediator in dealings with the University.

It's up to you as a union or student whether you want to simply note a problem or choose to move forward with it. The Student Ombudsman will never take a case forward if this is not desired.

As a student, it is always a good idea to turn to your union in the first instance when you have encountered a study-related problem. This is because they work closely together and have good contacts at both departmental and faculty level.

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