Student Union at the Faculty of Arts in Malmö

Student Union at the Faculty of Arts in Malmö
The Student Union at the Faculty of Arts, Lund University is an association of students at the School of Music, the School of Arts and the School of Theatre. At each school there is also a section for the students of that school. The students are represented in the respective departmental boards, the education councils and the Faculty of Arts Board.

The Faculty of Arts Board is the highest decision-making body for the entire Faculty of Arts. The students are also represented in the Teacher Proposal Committee, which is an overarching body for the above-mentioned schools when it comes to new appointments and promotions of teachers.

The mission of the Union is to promote student influence and participation in all matters concerning the Faculty of Arts.

The Student Union shall represent the students and protect their interests vis-à-vis school staff, authorities and trade unions.

The Education Councils for the music teacher training and the musician and church musician training are the highest decision-making bodies within each training.

The Student Union is a religiously and politically independent organisation.