Lund's Natural Sciences Association

Lund's Natural Sciences Association

Lund's Natural Science Union, LUNA, is the student union for all students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. If you study astronomy, biology, physics, geology, chemistry, mathematics, environmental science, environmental and health protection, molecular biology, natural geography, hospital physics or theoretical physics, you become a member with us when you become a member of Studentlund. 

LUNA's main task is to monitor the students' interests and ensure that the science educations in Lund improve. That is why we have student representatives in all decision-making bodies at the faculty and the nine departments, such as boards and education boards. At departmental level, it is our study councils that are responsible for appointing student representatives. The study councils are also the democratic foundation of the corps, all science students are welcome to their study council meetings to express their opinions about the education. In addition, the study councils have social activities and are a good place if you want to get to know more students at your institution. 

In addition to education monitoring, the corps is dedicated to social activities and working life contacts for our students. The sponsor committee (FU) organizes a novice period for new students at the beginning of each autumn semester, which is the perfect introduction to student life in Lund. During the semester, Sexmästeriet (6m) and the Sports Committee arrange various types of festive and fun events. If that doesn't appeal, you can take the chance to work on issues you are passionate about in the Equality and Equal Treatment Committee (JoL) or the Environment Committee (MU). The Business Committee (CRC) offers opportunities for contact with working life through lectures and seminars with potential future employers, alumni and researchers. 

The corps is led by a board that includes the corps' president, vice president and business coordinator who work full-time for the corps during an operating year. If you want to know more about the corps' activities, check out our website and social media, send an email or come and visit the full-time staff at the corps office!