The Lunda Economists

The Lunda Economists

LundaEkonomerna is the meeting place and union for all students at Lund University School of Economics and Management. 

LundaEkonomerna's main aim is to continuously ensure the level of education at LUSEM and we are constantly working to support our students big and small. But – we also do more than that! Our business stands on three pillars - Career, Education and Social - which means that we have something to offer for everyone. These three pillars house our 30 different committees and projects, and these organize different types of activities for all members of LundaEkonomerna. In total, our 250 active members work to improve the education provided at LUSEM, for our students' future careers and for their social lives. 

Lunda Economists' home is Skånis, the yellow house in the middle of LUSEM's courtyard. It is in there that the board sits and works every day. You can always come to Skånis if you have any questions, want to heat and eat your lunch or if you just want to hang out for a while with a cup of coffee. We welcome you with open arms!

Welcome to LundaEkonomerna - here you can maximize your time as a student in Lund. 

See you!