Law Student Union

Law Student Union

Law Student Union is the law students in the Lund Student Union. Our goal is to create as fun and rewarding a study time as possible for you as a law student.

The fact that the Law Student Union is a student union means that we are responsible for monitoring education and representing students' interests vis-à-vis the Faculty of Law in order to improve education. However, educational advocacy is only one of the three legs of the JF. The other two legs consist of social activities and the contact with the business community that the association offers its members.

In total, the Association comprises 19 different committees run by our officials together with around 400 active members. The committees organise a variety of activities within the three legs. Whether you want to sing in a choir, speak, organise a ball, go to a job fair or work in education monitoring, the JF takes great pride in being able to offer something for you. 

We hope to see you at the JF premises in the coming year. A few hundred students spend time here every day; either for lunch, a free coffee, hanging out on the sofas or playing a round of ping-pong. It is also where the Bureau has its office. Come, it will be fun!

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