The Humanistic and Theological Student Union

The Humanistic and Theological Student Union

The main purpose of the Humanistic and Theological Student Union (HTS) is to monitor and ensure the quality of the humanistic and theological education. This is mainly done through our seven student councils and one study council, which monitors education at a local level and where you as a student can get involved to improve your education. If you have any questions, concerns or problems with your education, you can always turn to your student council - they know what applies and where to turn.

The students in Lund have the right to participate in all decision-making bodies, and these positions are filled through the unions. HTS appoints student representatives in e.g. departmental boards, committees and work committees. There you can get involved in making the students' case in decisions that affect the education!

The corps also pursues labor market-related issues and arranges social activities. Our education committee and study social committee release reports, the sex mastery plans sessions and other fun, the Lunar Committee arranges the annual Lunar festival. In between, we have recurring events such as game nights, training sessions and the language café Café Multilingua. Everything for your study time to be the best possible!

We would like to warmly welcome you to get involved in one of the union's student councils, committees or committees. There is something for all members, whether your interest lies in educational coverage, student social issues or social events. Feel free to come by for a cup of coffee or to hang out in the pillow room, and don't hesitate to contact the corps if you encounter problems in your training or if you have ideas or views on the activities. Our office is located in A117b in the Absalon building in the Language and Literature Centre.