Corpus Medicum

Corpus Medicum

Corpus Medicum is the union for all programmes at the Faculty of Medicine in Lund. We manage the work of the students to monitor and try to improve the programmes and the study climate. This is done through representation all the way down from the individual course level up to the faculty management. The work is carried out by committed students with an interest in their education and its development.

Its activities are centred around three sections, each representing a couple of different courses. During the autumn, all sections jointly organise the Corbalen in the AF Borgen, which is one of the largest fracking events in the Nordic countries. In the spring, the Corpus Laborans job fair is also held for all students at the Faculty of Medicine. 

The sections also offer a huge range of educational and social activities to its members. If you want to know more about what each section has to offer, just read more about them below! 

Corpus Medicum consists of the three sections:

Medical Association (MF) - Section for Audiology, Biomedical, Speech Therapy, Medical and Master of Public Health students.

South Swedish Institute of Physical Therapy (SSGI) - section for physiotherapy students and Master of Sports Science students.

Health Sciences Student Association (VÅVS) - Section for Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Radiological Nurses, Midwifery, Basic Health Sciences and Specialist Training.