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Akademiska Föreningen is a large non-profit student association in Lund that brings together student culture in all its forms

Akademiska Föreningen is a non-profit association by and for students at Lund University. The purpose of the Academic Association is to gather and broaden the cultural and association life. AF provides support services and facilities for AF's committees, affiliated associations and individuals. Through this, small and large initiatives that enrich Lund's student life and make Lund an attractive city are made possible.


The Academic Association has a variety of committees and associations that together contribute to the creation of a wide range of engagement. The ambition is that there should be something for everyone, and to develop and improve academic life in Lund. The level of ambition for your involvement is up to you and what suits you. You can either attend the activities as a visitor or be part of it. There is no limit to how many activities you can be involved in, you can be involved in several at the same time. If you have any questions about the activities, you are always welcome to contact the AF Programme Manager. You can read more about our activities here.


In 1830 there were about 400 students in Lund. The financial conditions for the nations to maintain themselves with their own premises were poor, and their activities were therefore quite modest. There were no unions at all. A common meeting point for the city's students was desirable, and the Academic Association was founded by the nations together with a collection of junior teachers at the university. On New Year's Day 1830, the Academic Association was founded. Not, as one might think, to serve the interests of the students, but actually more to keep track of them. The Association grew rapidly and soon needed larger premises and work began on the construction of the AF building. The original parts of the castle were completed in 1851 and since then it has been rebuilt and added to on several occasions.


Akademiska Föreningen is the meeting point for student organisations in Lund. It houses the AF's committees and recognised associations, as well as nations and unions. There is also space for several independent student associations as well as the student unions' umbrella organisation LUS, the nations' cooperation body Kuratorskollegiet and Tegnérs Matsalar, to name a few of the tenants.

If you're looking for places to study, Athens is the living room of students! The space is located on the ground floor of the AF building and is within walking distance of Tegnér's Dining Halls. Athens is open every day from 9am to 5pm and has wireless internet access. There is space for both conversation and discussion, as well as a quiet reading room for those who wish. Next to Athen you will also find Studentinfo, where you can get answers to all your questions about the city of Lund, the municipality of Lund and of course the Academic Association.